Acclaimed Alumnus Bob Parsons Increases His Support Of The University of Baltimore With A $2.4 Million Grant To Support Programs Focused On Veteran And Active-Military Student Populations.

With a multiyear, $2.4 million grant from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation, Bob Parsons – B.S. ’75, D.H.L. ’08, a Baltimore native and Marine Corps Vietnam War Veteran – has increased his support for both The Bob Parsons Veterans Center and The Bob Parsons Veterans Advocacy Clinic at The University of Baltimore.

“The transition back into civilian life and getting a college education can be challenging,” said Parsons, Founder and CEO of PXG. “Having specialized support and legal counsel when needed can go a long way in making successful transitions possible.”

These two areas of focus – one serving all veterans who seek an education at the University, the other pairing University of Baltimore School of Law students and faculty in an advocacy role with Baltimore-based veterans in need of legal services – form the nexus of the University’s dedication to supporting members of the military during or following their service.

“Bob Parsons is one of the most distinguished graduates of the University of Baltimore and we thank him immensely for his continued support of our mission,” said University of Baltimore President Kurt L. Schmoke. “Part of that mission is that we welcome and assist those who have spent time in the military. Mr. Parsons agreed, when he established the veterans center and clinic back in 2013, that his alma mater was getting that right. This latest effort will allow us to see a dramatic expansion of our impact and make it clear that our commitment to serving veterans is strong, and our abilities rock solid.”

Currently, The Bob Parsons Veterans Center reaches more than 300 veteran and military-affiliated students, offering them a place to study, socialize and participate in activities. The Center also provides mentorship programs and helps ensure these students graduate and are successfully prepared to reach their full potential in the workforce and their personal lives. The recent grant will specifically support a new full-time staff member that will allow the Center to offer even more academic, career, service and social-based programming.

“It would have been a dream to have this level of support as I was transitioning from the U.S. Army into higher education,” said Bob Parsons Veterans Center Director Josiah Guthland. “I had a hard time transitioning from a combat environment into college because I did not have a group of people with whom I could connect. Having The Bob Parsons Veterans Center allows veterans to be part of a community that understands them and their experiences. Really, we are here to support the veteran and military-affiliated student population with the honor and respect that they deserve.”

The Bob Parsons Veterans Advocacy Clinic provides law students at the University with the opportunity to engage with veterans and to learn about the legal difficulties they often encounter after leaving the military. Through the process of pro bono representation, students gain empathy and knowledge about the inadequate support and resources that exist for veterans. The Clinic teaches the skills necessary to advocate for veterans through individual case representation and impact legislative policy changes that have transformed the way veterans are treated by the legal system.

Bob Parsons’ support for his alma mater extends beyond funding for veterans’ programs. Established in 2020, The Bob Parsons Scholarship Fund is the single largest donation to a scholarship program in the history of The University of Baltimore. This recent grant brings Parsons’ total support to the University to more than $9 million since 2013.

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