Our story.

The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation inspires hope by providing critical funding at critical times to communities striving to make a difference.

The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation was established in February 2012 with the hope to change the lives of our country’s critically wounded veterans and to improve outcomes for individuals and families living in poverty. Founded by serial entrepreneur Bob Parsons and business executive Renee Parsons, the Foundation is guided by the couple’s personal experiences, values and beliefs.

Well known as the founder of GoDaddy, Bob Parsons is the founder of YAM Worldwide Inc. under which he owns and operates more than a dozen companies ranging from golf and motorcycles to marketing and production studios. It was his life before that success, however, that most impacts his philanthropy. Bob grew up “poor as a church mouse” in inner-city Baltimore. He struggled in school, failed the fifth grade and almost didn’t graduate high school. He credits his service with the U.S. Marine Corps and experience in Vietnam with transforming his life.

A successful business woman in her own right, Renee’s experiences also guide her philanthropy. Starting with her first job at age 13 working in her family’s restaurant, she learned the value of serving others at an early age. With a professional career in sales and marketing, Renee joined GoDaddy as the corporate events planner and VP of community outreach, leading GoDaddy’s philanthropic work worldwide.  Today, in addition to her work with the Foundation, Renee is the President & Executive Creative Director of PXG Apparel and active in managing expansion and events at Scottsdale National Golf Club. She is most passionate about supporting causes focused on women, children and education and is a member of Women Moving Millions, a global philanthropic community of people committed to large-scale investment in women and girls.

Believing that the work they do through their philanthropy is the most important, Bob and Renee signed the Giving Pledge in December 2013, making a public declaration to give away at least half their net worth.

Our history.

February 1, 2012

The Beginning

The Foundation opens its doors

February 2012

Emergency Response in Haiti

$2.5M in disaster relief in response to Haiti’s earthquake

September 2012

Supporting Veterans

$1M to provide assistance to critically ill and injured veterans

October 2012

Fighting Homelessness

$5M to provide shelter to homeless families

April 2013

Hope for Youth

$1.5M for children with life threatening medical conditions

April 2013

Prioritizing Education

Increasing quality pre-K educational opportunities for kids in South Phoenix

May 2013

Launch of HIV/AIDS Efforts

$4M toward the fight to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic

December 2013

Signed The Giving Pledge

July 2014

Providing Medical Care to the Poor

$2M to create a new health clinic for homeless

October 2014

Increasing Access to Dental Care

Grand opening of dental clinic to serve thousands of uninsured children

December 2014

Supporting DREAMers

$1M for college scholarships to undocumented students with DACA status

Summer 2015

Protecting Youth

$4M to open a new youth center for kids in central Phoenix

July 2015

Youth Opportunity

Increase opportunities for disconnected youth with launch of new nonprofit in Phoenix

August 2015

Investment in Girls

$5M to create a new Leadership Center for Girls & Women

November 2015

Veteran Commitment

$9M in matching funds to support wounded Veterans

April 2016

Supporting LGBTQ Youth

Building on our commitment for LGBTQ youth through homeless youth housing & supportive services

October 2016

Commitment to Improving LIves of Veterans with PTSD

$1M dedicated to improving veteran wellness

January 2017

Double Down for Veterans

$10M in matching funds to support wounded Veterans

February 2017

5 years of giving

March 2017


$4M to launch telemedicine program for Parkinson’s patients who lack mobility

June 2017


$2M to create a Center for Hope & Healing for foster & homeless youth

January 2018


Over $20M raised for wounded veterans through the Double Down for Veterans Campaign

May 2018


Improve education outcomes and high school graduation rates for youth in foster care

October 2018

Supporting Military Families

Recognizing the sacrifices of military families and the unique challenges they face

March 2019

Parsons Scholars

Making college attainable for underserved youth

May 2019

Stepping up for First Responders

$3.6M multi-year commitment to First Responder safety, wellbeing & financial assistance in times of trauma

July 2019

Inspiring Hope in Children

$1M in support of children with life-threatening medical conditions

December 2019

Tranquil healing for infants

Providing a quiet and serene place for opioid-addicted infants to heal

February 2020

Reaching Educational Attainment

$5M to establish the Bob Parsons Scholarship Fund

August 2020

Healing Treatment Resistant PTSD

Supporting phase 3 clinical trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy

December 2020

Innovating Education

$2M to innovate math & science for AZ students

June 2021

Creating Inclusive Environments for LGBTQ Students

$1.5M to support AZ schools in becoming more inclusive

August 2021

Breakthrough Partnership with Veterans Administration

Paving the way for veterans to access MDMA-assisted psychotherapy

December 2021


Double Down for Veterans campaign raises $23M in 2 months for wounded veterans