Circle the City Serves the Homeless

PHOENIX, AZ (April 24, 2014) –  The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation has awarded a $250,000 grant to Circle the City Medical Respite Center, a 50-bed facility that provides supervised medical care to homeless individuals who are recovering from illness or injury. Each individual admitted to the Center receives assistance from a dedicated case manager, who helps connect patients with relevant benefits, employment resources and ultimately housing.

“We are grateful for the compassionate gift from Bob and Renee Parsons which will help men and women recover from illness and discover a better life,” said Circle the City’s founder, president and medical director Sister Adele O’Sullivan, CSJ, MD. “Their generosity is helping us serve the homeless population in the greater Phoenix area, and fill a critical need within our Valley’s healthcare landscape.”

For many, Circle the City is the first step on the path to healthy, independent living. When admitted to Circle the City’s Medical Respite Center, patients are surrounded by a wide variety of services aimed at healing each patient medically, emotionally and spiritually. This holistic approach gives each individual patient the best possible chance to not only heal from his or her illness or injury, but break the cycle of homelessness entirely.

“Through the Foundation’s support of Circle the City we have a real opportunity to change lives,” said Bob Parsons. “By focusing our resources on continuing to care for our community’s ill and injured homeless individuals we can promote long-term wellness and support their journey home.”

After completing their medical course of treatment, more than 75 percent of patients find transitional or permanent housing with the help of Circle the City.

In addition to the care delivered by physicians and nurses, patients are given access to mental health therapy, substance abuse treatment, AA groups and psychiatric consultations. Community volunteers surround respite center patients with engaging activities such as art therapy, chair yoga and group outings to local museums and sporting events. This community re-integration has proved to be as important to the healing process as the medications administered through the clinic.

“It is our wish that the Valley’s most vulnerable individuals will find sanctuary and, more importantly, hope in the holistic care they receive through Circle the City,” added Renee Parsons.

About Circle the City
Circle the City is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that provides for the unmet needs of homeless individuals and families in Greater Phoenix, especially during times of illness. Incorporated in 2008, the organization is dedicated to assisting with financial resources that make health care services possible where no other resources exist, and by providing basic necessities to help ease the burdens of homelessness. For more information, visit