$5 Million Grant from The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation will Allow Hundreds of Full-Time Students to Complete their Bachelor’s Degrees.

The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation will fund scholarships for hundreds of full-time University of Baltimore students who transfer to UB primarily from community colleges, including current or former members of the military. These need-based scholarships, totaling up to $5 million over five years, will help students close the financial gap between their Federal Pell Grants and the cost of tuition and fees for their final two years of undergraduate education.

Bob Parsons – a Baltimore native, UB alumni and Marine Corps Vietnam War Veteran – has been a strong supporter of his alma matter and The Bob Parsons Scholarship Fund is the single largest donation to a scholarship program in the history of the University of Baltimore. This recent gift brings Parsons’ total support to the university to more than $7,000,000 since 2013.

“A college degree is a game changer. It opens the door to more career opportunities, higher paying jobs and a happier life,” said Parsons. “I’m establishing this scholarship fund to help low-income students acquire a first class college education and build a brighter future for themselves, their families and the city of Baltimore.”

UB is known as an institution with both high employment rates and robust salaries for its graduates. The Bob Parsons Scholarship Fund will significantly reduce the financial burden that many students experience as they begin their careers, degree in hand.

“The Bob Parsons Scholarship Fund is a huge investment in our students, and our university,” said UB President Kurt L. Schmoke. “For students to have a financial plan in hand as they work towards getting their diploma lifts a huge weight off their shoulders. These scholarships will be a breakthrough for many deserving students.”

Eligible students may qualify for a Bob Parsons Scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Eligible for the Pell Grant (as determined by the FAFSA)
  2. Enrolled full-time at the University of Baltimore (12+ credit hours)
  3. Earning his/her first bachelor’s degree
  4. Meet the requirements to qualify for Maryland in-state tuition rates
  5. Transferring to UB having earned an associate degree, or transferring to UB with active-duty military, veterans, Maryland National Guard or reservists status, with any combination of 60+ college credits from a recognized, accredited institution

The scholarships will be available beginning in fall 2020. Learn more about The Bob Parsons Scholarship Fund. The University of Baltimore is a member of the University System of Maryland and comprises the College of Public Affairs, the Merrick School of Business, the UB School of Law and the Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences.